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Eyeless In Gaza

Writer Robert Magid and Martin Himel

Director Martin Himel

Editor Ellai J Himel

Composer David Wall

Sound Designer Ram Grafman

Producer Robert Magid

Executive Producer Robert Magid

Production Company Polaris Films and Elsash Productions

Outreach Marketing Manager Ben Milstein


Robert Magid

The owner of Polaris Films and producer of “Eyeless in Gaza”, Robert Magid has a varied career having been an economist, an investment banker, a toy designer and manufacturer, a director of a TV media company. He is currently an owner of a media company, hotels, restaurants and other properties.

His interests include photography, media analysis, scriptwriting and cinematography. Having lived in the Middle East he has a strong interest in this area.

Robert is particularly interested in the factors at play in determining what the media presents and in “Eyeless in Gaza” is using the Gaza War of 2014 as a platform; pointing the camera at the media while the media is pointing the camera at events. This leads to some interesting and surprising conclusions.

About the Director

Martin Himel

Martin Himel is no stranger to the Middle East. Initially he was the Jerusalem producer for the American ABC News covering PM Menachem Begin, the Lebanon war, and the various peace processes. For the next 25 years Himel was the Middle East Bureau chief and correspondent for three major television networks CTV Canada. Global Television Canada, and Fox Television USA, covering among other events the Oslo Peace process, Gulf War 1 and 2, the Second Intefadah, the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and much more.

During the past decade Himel has moved on to Investigative documentaries, features and television series broadcast on CNN, Sky, PBS , Bloomberg TV, CBC, Global , Vision TV, SBS, and many more networks. Documentaries include “North Korea Desperate or Deceptive”, “ Persecuted Christians” probing radical Islamic militia destruction of Iraqi Christian community , and “Jenin Massacring Truth” (winner of Grand Jury Documentary Award Houston Film Festival). Television series include four part series “Global Anti-Semitism”, four part series “ Infidelity “ and 13 part series Twist of Faith profiling religions around the world.